What is Gspace?
Online teaching and learning made easier
Gspace is a unique platform that has thirty solutions seamlessly integrated on a single platform to facilitate all educational and training need online. This concept brings on a single platform the Learners, Teachers and Institutions. It provides a virtual supermarket for all learners offering Content (online courses, eBooks, Lectures, Exams, etc). It is also a platform for freelancer teachers and publishers to offer their specialized online teaching for their respective target students. Institutions get a 360 degree set of services from admissions, academic management, career counseling, eLearning, exams, training and grooming, and a placement platform for best available jobs. Corporate companies can also share their requirements, teach special skills, and recruit, and they can also evaluate, assess training need and train their own employees.
Gspaceonline enables you to turn your
Vision into Reality!!!!

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