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Design your learning curve!! Collaborative and associative learning leading to an enhanced educational experience

Learners of today need the flexibility to learn at their convenience. With the increase in non-traditional learners online learning becomes more conventional as it empowers the students to study at their own pace with an improved educational experience.

With Gspaceonline learners can have the benefit of having their personalised learning and interaction desktop for online learning, face-to-face collaboration, integrated associative and collaborative social learning tools, and instant access to course materials and lectures regardless of geographical boundaries.

12 Reasons
why Students should opt Gspace?
  • Learn from anywhere at any time – Access the curriculum based study plan and learn from anywhere at any time. Edit and update your study plan. Create your personalized eRepository of content
  • Access vast repository of course content – Access the world-class teaching, multimedia content, exams, eBooks, online courses or learning resources on any topic that you wish you study in an organized manner right away
  • Connect to teachers worldwide - Connect to teachers worldwide and interact with them to increase your knowledge base and resolve your doubts
  • Advanced Search System - Search and get specific results for the search conducted
  • Polish Communication & soft skills – Exclusive language skills practicing platform along with complementary teaching content to help polish LSRW and soft skills at your own pace and convenience
  • Online learning and examination - Take online exams, attend live class, create your personalized eRepository of content. Submit your assignments and projects online and get it corrected
  • Psychometric assessment - Identify and analyze their personal strengths and weaknesses thereby polishing and building on the respective skills of their career interests
  • Motivation – Track your progress; follow the learning methodology that the outstanding student’s adopt. Get star rating on each student following your study plan
  • Communication - See constant updates and notifications from your associates online
  • Mobile & Tab based learning - Students can access the learning resources, attend live classes and take exams from any device they rely on
  • Community and Networking - Offers improved peer-to-peer learning, flexible social learning communities, better relationships between faculty and students with integrated tools like discussion boards, embedded multimedia and social networking capabilities
  • Reporting - Get the fees and other financial details online
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