Every student has the potential to get the best of jobs, we make it possible
Teach, Groom and Place
your students. Improve student’s access to learning resources thereby ensuring learning outcomes

With Gspaceonline outstanding online solution the college can address the individual needs of each student. The student is exposed to all sorts of assessment and pre testing to analyze and realize their area of interest. Thereafter, adequate treatment is provided to fill the skill gaps. The students is taught, groomed and made ready to be placed in the area of their expertise. Besides this, the college can run its empire on the web and manage all the academic, administrative and communication activities online.

11 Reasons
why College should opt for Gspace?
  • Set up your eCampus at zero cost - Convert your college website into eCampus and run your institute online at zero cost
  • Establish an online and offline Language Lab - Exclusive language skills practicing platform along with complementary teaching content to help polish LSRW and soft skills at your own pace and convenience.
  • The TPO - Teach Groom and Place - The Training and Placement office suite to teach through curriculum based and English courses, groom personality by providing soft skills and industry level assessment and place the students via., the technology placement platform
  • World class teaching & Learning Platform for teacher & student - Teachers are equipped with the tool required to create content, teach, assess and manage their students online. Students are also empowered learn at home or anywhere any time
  • Psychometric Assessment - Students can identify and analyze their personal strengths and weaknesses thereby polishing and building on the respective skills of their career interests
  • Administrative MIS services - Administrators can control & monitor Admission, fee, attendance and the Data’s. To help run your institute as you want with absolute control
  • Communication Services - Send notification, email and text messages and chat from anywhere anytime to provide a mix of learning environments for blended learning
  • Networking & Community - Users of college can form vivacious community with their peers, colleagues, classmates, teachers, parents and outside world for collaborative and associative learning and experience sharing
  • Set up the Smart Class - We set up digital lecture studio with our own content for engaging learning and record it for students review anywhere anytime
  • Mobile learning - Teachers can teach on tab and students can learn on tab or mobile from anywhere anytime
  • Make Online Money - The content resources developed by the college can be made available for access to others through Content Supermarket and earn money
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