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What is Gspaceonline?

Gspaceonline is the 'Global Education Networking Cloud' that helps to bridge the gap between people and digital information by providing easy- to- operate platform for Education sharing. The objective is to bring together learning communities, from across the campus or around the globe, to provide more universal access to information. That involves integrating People (Institutes, Teacher, Student, Govt. and content & service providers), Processes and Technology.

It uncomplicates the educational institution's functions and provides a platform for:

Teachers to teach and assess.

Students to learn from anywhere at anytime.

Institute/Organization to create a personalized online educational channel and provide :-

A unified platform for managing it through the cloud campus.

An access to innumerable eLearning multimedia lectures, curriculum based courses, virtual classrooms, live teachers, online tutoring and help you conduct online examinations.

Automation of all the academic, administrative and communication operations right from admissions to placements.

University to run distance education and conduct classes and examination online.

Publisher to store and preserve its educational contents.

Gspace can help you provide value-added education in many, many ways. You will have the latest technology enabled education solution with the next generation teaching and learning platform which will synchronize your classroom and online teaching JUST ON A CLICK. Empowering you to be a visionary and a market leader.

Objective of Gspaceonline

Provide a secure free global space to all to work individually as well as in collaboration with each other.

Provides the advanced search platform to search content on any given topic.

To provide educational services and platform.

Make digital-learning user friendly.

Create a platform for interaction between knowledge seekers and experts.

To provide inter and intra organizational exchange of educational material.

Be a part of Gspaceonline!

An user account at Gspaceonline allows you to create and access posts, video/audio, create and manage curriculum Based Courses, join, subscribe or follow channel to keep track of their updates, upload content like pdf, word, presentation, graphic etc., follow your interested teacher and clear your doubts online, attend Exams to test your knowledge. Register to get your free account and get started.

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